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If you are reading this then it is assumed that you have already completed 'Step One' (downloading and installing the EndNote Trial Version) as directed on this page.

If not, please click here now to do so

If you HAVE already installed the EndNote catalog program, below is the step-by-step setup process for using it to view the Library Catalog.  You might want to click here to print out these instructions if you're new to this kind of thing.

PLEASE NOTE: These instructions were written for the old EndNote Version 3. Since they are presently shipping EndNote  Version 6, some particulars such as directory names may vary slightly, but the overall concept remains the same:

1. Right-click here and choose the "Save Target As..." function to download the "Amphicar.enl" file  into the sub-directory of your EndNote installation called "Examples" (ie.  C:\Program Files\EndNote Demo\Examples\...).  This is your Library Catalog  data.  This file is updated more or less monthly and made available here on this page and also through links on both the "Library"  and "News"  pages.  In future, you can update your Library Catalog  by simply downloading and overwriting the old Amphicar.enl  file with the new version right in that same sub-directory.  Please note: Whenever downloading the Amphicar.enl  file, you should always put the name of the file in quotes in the Save File As  box, so that it looks just like this: "Amphicar.enl".  Depending on your computer's overall file management setup, this will keep some setups from adding an unneeded extra .enl  to the file name during the download, rendering the file invisible to the EndNote program.  If you've breezed too quickly through these instructions, missed the aforementioned tip about the quote marks, and already downloaded the file (say, as an update), and EndNote tells you it doesn't work for any reason, then find the file named Amphicar.enl.enl  on your hard drive, rename it to just plain Amphicar.enl  and all should be well.

2. Make the Library Catalog  your "default" EndNote Library: Start up the EndNote program. From the pull-down menus up top, choose File-->Open, double-click the "Examples" folder and then double-click Amphicar.enl.  Once it appears choose Edit-->Default Library (again from the pull-down menus). Tick the little button for "Amphicar.enl on C:" and click <OK>.  Henceforth the Library Catalog  should automatically appear whenever you start up the EndNote program.  Of course, during the 30 day fully-functional trial period, you can also create your own extensive catalogs of whatever else interests you.  Automatic, so-called "Z39.50", connections to library catalogs all over the world, including the Library of Congress, for automatic search and downloading of records makes this little program a researcher's dream.  After the 30 day trial period it will still function perfectly well as an Library Catalog viewer, but it will not allow one to format, print or export more than 10 items at one time.  The full-blown version of Endnote 6 costs as little as $99.  For more details and online ordering, please click here.


Pressing <Ctrl><G> on the keyboard at the same time while viewing some of the "Internet-linked" catalog records (ones with an entry in the item's "URL" field, at the very bottom) will automatically start up your web browser and bring one directly to the site or file indicated.  You can also do this by choosing "Edit-->Launch URL" from the pull-down menus up top.  You will be reminded of this very handy feature in notes found in relevant Library Catalog records, such as the one for "King-- of the sportscars", in: Cavalier (August 1961).  This feature is likely to become increasingly important as more and more scans and translations of articles and other items are made available on the Internet, particularly in the "Members Only"  area of the International Amphicar Owners Club. 

At just about 200 items, the Library Catalog  is still a little sparse, sure.  As of August 2002 the Librarian still has a pile of at least 100 personally-collected items to add to it, not to mention the International Amphicar Owners Club  Archives now in the Librarian's safekeeping, so you will  want to keep up with the monthly updates made available here and also through links on both the's "Library"  and "News"  pages.  Sparse as it is, it is still the most extensive bibliographic catalog of amphibious vehicle related information available anywhere in the world. 

If you have real problems getting the EndNote program to work, you can contact the vendor's tech support staff by clicking here.   You can also drop the Librarian a line at  But seeing as how the Librarian is thoroughly swamped with backlogged cataloging, please do at least try to sort it out on your own first, OK?  Those having the slothful temerity to cavalierly lob off some lame elbow-typed missive in the direction of the Librarian asking, "hOw dowhlod endnot?" or any other such similarly curt hallmark of irrecoverable silliness will likely either just have their email "accidentally" deleted, or, if the Librarian's hairbun is cranked up so especially tight that severe crankiness has resulted, and it's clear you need a "time out" from grownups and the online world, then the hapless miscreant may well receive just retribution in the form of a reply containing an extraordinarily venomous version of the terrifying and omnivorous 'Good Times' computer virus, which will leap snarling from their computer's hard drive to cause stuttering and male pattern baldness in their beloved household pets, regardless of sex or species, before running off into the night to go work under their name at a toll booth on the New Jersey Turnpike, where it will mock the Pope and pass wind and Canadian coinage to hapless motorists. 

Bottom line: If you're really that  new to the 'net that you don't know the basics, such as how to download a file or install a program, then please visit this excellent tutorial site.  Don't bug the unpaid and overworked Librarian just because you can't find the 'any' key on your keyboard (Hint: It's near that 'cupholder' thingamabob that pops out when you press the button). 

~ Thus endeth the Amphicar Library FAQ ~




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