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This page of links to other amphibian motoring sites is always being updated.  If you have tips for other sites out there that should be listed here but aren't, please do drop a line to  The little "" site ratings (four being highest) are entirely subjective and based on a combination of a site's perceived usefulness, extent, interest, currency, technical expertise and, most importantly, whether the Bilgemaster properly digested his morning donut...

The Amphicar Links Page is always under construction!
"Always Under Construction"

bulletVisit the Bilgemaster's Ancient Alter Ego: 
Rupræcht Wilco's Mystic Research Nook and Amphicar Haven
Here on this now rather cobwebby old freebie GeoCities site, now basically an embalmed relic of the Internet as it looked during the first  Bush Administration, you'll still find scads of Amphicar info, links and tips, like plans and online ordering info for a life saving automatic backup bilge pump, a winterization maintenance checklist, and so on...all strewn amidst the Bilgemaster's evil twin Rupræcht's deranged ramblings about chicken hypnosis and other borderline-psychotic concerns. And please don't forget to visit that link to the AMSOIL for Amphicars Catalog, the proceeds of which help make the whole domain possible, OK?
Rating: (It's MY  links page, so it gets "four Amphis", OK?)
bulletDavid Chapman's  
Located in England, David has forgotten more than most of the rest of us will ever learn about Amphicars.  David's was perhaps the first Amphicar-related site out there on the 'net, and it's still one of the finest and most useful.
bulletInternational Amphicar Owners Club
The Club is now under new management since its first ever elections held in July 2000 at the Big Celina "Swim-In" and Convention.  As always, you'll find lots of links and info here about Amphicar conventions and events past and future, Members' pages and Amphicar history and specifications. The whole website has undergoing a major face lift coordinated by the Bilgemaster, under the direction of the new 7 member Club Board and President, and more is being added all the time, so it's really worth checking in again from time to time.  For example, the new Events Calendar  and Restoration  pages are now a "must-see" for every owner or potential owner.
bulletBilly and Randy Syx' East Coast Amphicar
The only full service Amphicar garage and service center on the East Coast.  If you've got problems with your Amphi, then Billy can definitely help you out.  From "patching a dribble bucket to polishing a fully-restored jewel to full lustre", Billy does it all.  By way of testimonial, it should be pointed out that Billy's the ONLY person on the planet that the Bilgemaster has let near his own Amphi with a wrench.  When you consider that the Bilgemaster has driven  his Amphi from Virginia to the Club Swim-Ins in Ohio and before that upstate to New York for the past 7 or 8 years running with no problems, that could mean something, Yes?  
bulletDave Derer's  Midwest Amphicar
Owned and operated by that amphibious force of nature: Dave "The Wave" Derer, Midwest Amphicar can do it all for you, specializing in expert rust repair (i.e. "Restofication"), affordable repairs for the daily driver and convertible top repair. Midwest is located in Mendota, Illinois, and is located about 90 miles west of Chicago. 
bulletMike Israel's Amphicar Harbor
Mike is the founder and driving force behind the hugely popular free-of-charge  Amphicar Lovers Email Digest, which, among other things, directly led to the creation of If you'd like to search the Archives of the Amphicar-Lovers Email Digest for keywords in the body of the messages (a key info resource for Amphicar repair and restoration), just click here.  Mike's website features all sorts of massively useful stuff, like scans from the Amphicar Service Manual, an excellent Amphicar Buyer's FAQ  that is a 'must-read' for every prospective Amphicar owner, and Amphicar auction prices. 
bulletMarc Schlemmer's Marc's Amphi Pages
If it's Amphicar photos you crave, then here's your Garden of Delights.  Marc's on a personal mission to float his lagoon blue Amphi in every state of the Union, and he's got the pictures to prove it. By the way, his paramour Elizabeth is the one who makes those excellent Amphicar flags. (PLEASE NOTE: As of October '99, Marc decided to flee Geocities' pop-up banners, ad boxes and other intrusive java snoodlets, and has sailed his whole site on over to The above link will bring you directly to its new abode).  Also, in case you've spent the last months in your Amphicar on a 'round the planet voyage of Neptune or something, it should be noted that Marc is the newly elected President of the International Amphicar Club.  To see his message to the Web Toed Horde on the Club's website, click here 
bulletJohn Edelstein's Amphipoda Chronicles 
Rod Serling meets Hanns Trippel.  John is building a very special  site here, and frankly we're all a little concerned.  I still can't figure out how the hell he got the naked photo of my old Prom date that's featured at top center.
Rating: (Now expanded and too
Weird to miss)
bulletDoug Parsons' Doug Parsons' Amphicar 
This site may look a bit spare at first, but there's a lot here if you follow those links, including some of the sharpest web photos of Amphicars I've ever come across (but which still weigh in at reasonable file sizes for quick loading. Doug: I WANT your digital camera).  Here you can visit a Swedish Auto Museum with a working Amphicar and also read a fine account of a new Amphicar owner's combination first swim and subsequent evening spent with some biker chicks...And while you're reading all about it, why not download the two MPEG films offered here too? 
bulletScott Moses' 1968 Amphicar & Amphicar Parts Catalog 
Site newly revised and revamped!  It's largely thanks to one hell of a lot of hard work by Scott that Amphicar owners have the sort of online interactive Parts Catalog that other weird vehicle marque owners can only drool over and dream about maybe having "one day."   It's all the more amazing when one considers that Scott performed this Herculean chore even though he did not yet even own an Amphicar! So it's real heartening to now also be able to learn all about the one he finally did find, and see how it went from abandoned and forgotten hulk to a real strong swimmer.  Scott's Parts Catalog HTML work was also integrated in a cooperative effort into Cap'n John's site (hosted by, so you can click here to check it out a different, perhaps more visual interpretation of the Catalog
bulletChris Skeeles' Amphibious Manifesto
Join Chris and his red 1963 Amphicar "Chaos" in their adventures.  Here you'll find photos, films, links and a clever personal chronicle of their travels called "Tales of Chaos".  A new and active site, so you'll want to come back again and again.
bulletThe Ottawa Citizen's Feature on Arthur Skuja's Amphicar  
Travelling the Highways and High Seas by Shannon Lee Mannion is one of the better press feature stories on the Amphicar we've seen, with a real nice interview of Arthur.  It's also one of the very few such newspaper articles I can recall that was fully accurate in its details.  The Ottawa Citizen also did an earlier feature on a homemade Amphibious bus that you can see by clicking here. 
bulletThe Grand Traverse Herald's Boat? Car? Which?
Electronic version of the article from the April 14, 1999 Grand Traverse Herald featuring an interview with Mark Smith, owner a fjord green 1964 Amphicar, describing its restoration and the history of the Amphicar.
bulletPaul Lalewicz's Paul's Amphicar Page  
From extra crispy rust bucket to tasty original flavor, you get a whole lot of finger-licking thumbnailed photos of Paul's Amphicar restoration here.  Paul was also the first to get photos of the Celina 2000 Amphicar Swim-In up there on the 'net.  To see dozens and dozens of great thumbnailed shots of Celina 2000, the largest assemblage of Amphis most folks have ever seen, including several panoramic views and a shot of Hugh Gordon right up top reviewing the troops, click herePaul is also the dashing entrepeneur behind the X-Treme AmphiCamper, a dual-use Amphicar trailer that doubles with the Amphi out as a mobile home camper.  I mean, what else  would you possibly want to haul your dual-use Amphi around in than a dual-use trailer? Eh?  Now if it only floated...
bulletRené Pohl's Amphibious Car Homepage 2000
René is the author of Mit dem Auto baden gehen, arguably the most comprehensive history of amphibious motoring ever published, and his bilingual German & English website offers the most information and photos found anywhere on the 'net on amphibious vehicles other than the Amphicar, including prototypes and other rarer-than-rare amphibian fauna.  Sure the English pages are a little "idiomatic", but you'll soon get his drift and enjoy it...guaranteed.  René is also the webmaster of the  German Amphicar Club's new website hosted by Amphicar Club Berlin e.V.  René darf bei dem Bilgemeister in Amerika jeder Zeit Auto baden.  Na, sicher...
bulletHans Rosloot's Source of Amphibious Vehicle Information 
Here's another extensive european information site for all things amphibian. This one is located in the Netherlands, although the site is entirely in English.  If you're looking for info on other amphibians than the Amphicar, here would be a good place to look around. 
bulletEast Coast Amphicar & Rupræcht Wilco's Amphicar Action Photos 
Nice page of fairly high-res photos, most from the 1997 Lake George "Swim-In".  See Marc Schlem, Billy Syx, Bill Connelly, Michel Ferland, "Amphicar Task Force Woodstock: Scourge of the Hudson", and more...All while a stirring rendition of "Anchors Aweigh!" frightens your pets.  Lots of photos here, so it will take a while to load.
bulletJim Oliver's Amphicar Page 
Nice page of before, during and after shots of a white 1967 Amphicar now under restoration, including a couple of pix the very same vehicle taken in the 70s.  Part of an extensive Jim's Toys  site that's chock full of other profiles of his extensive stable of interesting two, three and four wheeled conveyances.
bulletManfred Ohler's Räder unter Wasser, Flossen in die Höh
As you may already have guessed, Manfred's not from these here parts, but from Germany, so naturally enough his site's in German.  There's actually lots of good tech stuff here, with a lot about the inventor of the Amphicar, Hanns Trippel. There's also the address of the German Amphicar Club in Berlin.  You say you don't read German, but still want to check it out and have a clue? Then just click here and next click the "Translate" button to let the machine translate chunks of the page into something a lot like English for you. The translation's not perfect, but it really ain't too bad either.
bulletWiesbaden-Online's Das Amphicar hat Kultstatus 
Here's another nice German-language page put up by the Rhein-Zeitung (Rhein Newspaper) of an article they ran about the Amphicar that translates as "The Amphicar has Cult Status."   Like the previous page, you can click here and then click "Translate" to let the machine translate chunks of the page into something approximating English for you. 
bulletPhylise Banner's The Amphicar  
They say webbed toes run in the family (insert drum fill here).  Here's a charming little Amphicar anecdote page from someone whose family's had five Amphis, all told.
bulletJay Wolf's Amphicar Home Page 
Some nice period pictures and links to a few shots of Jay's old Amphicar, which he sold some years back.  It doesn't take long to spot the cobwebs on this site (apparently it last updated in 1996), so one peek will do you.
bulletMohammed Yahia's Taking the Plunge in the Persian Gulf 
Craving something a little exotic?  Observe our webtoed comrade from Kuwait as he takes his very first Amphicar plunge into the mine-filled waters of the Persian Gulf.  And you were worried about maybe the water being a little too "salty" where you are.  Not the Big "M"...Mohammed's a REAL man!
Rating: (or maybe on the
Weirdness Scale)
bulletSoftcom's Military Amphibious Vehicles 
Sure, this page is not really about Amphicars, but you can see the family resemblance, and Amphicar owners with dreams of lashing a small barge stacked with 55 gallon drums of fuel-and-gruel behind their Amphis, and then setting off for Bali, will appreciate the story of Half-Safe, the modified "Seep" (i.e. amphibious WWII Jeep) that Ben and Elinore Carlin sailed/drove around the world.  To learn even more about "Half-Safe", see the next item.
bulletDave Brooks' Half-Safe Tribute
Learn more here Ben Carlin and "Half-Safe", the modified "Seep". Features lots of photos from Carlin's book, The Other Half of Half-Safe.
bulletAmadeus' Amphicar: The Web Page from the Great Beyond 
A peek into one of the world's largest collections of Amphicars, including a shot of the Amphizine, an Amphicar-limousine.  It's only a peek though...just enough to get that old saliva pumping. 
bulletDave ("The Wave") Derer's Amphicar "Restofication" Page 
Restofication? Rustoration? Rustofication?...Whatever.  Here's a shot of Dave the Wave's famous ride "as found."  If nothing else, this "Before" picture proves that there's no such thing as an Amphicar "parts car" to the truly skilled.  Although there's no direct link from one page to the next (which is rather odd since they are on the very same server), you'll find some mid-restoration and "After" shots of Dave's notorious rust-brown Amphicar by clicking here.
bulletChuck-n-Dot Blanchard's Murtle the Turtle Page 
Here's another page offering some "Before & After" Amphicar glimpses, but with a twist: Here the "Before" shot in question of Murtle the Turtle is from 1965 in the water.  The "After" shots are from over 30 years later, prior to a challenging restoration.
bulletJosé Geraldo's Carrozine: Amphicar & Other Amphibious Vehicles 
You'll find a couple of nice shots of some Museum's Amphicar and an old WWII VW Schwimmwagen here, together with a list, but no photos, of some other amphibians, some of which I've never even heard of, going right back to 1907.  The Amphicar shown here appears to be a Swiss-model "Bodensee" Amphicar, notable for its slightly higher-than-normal rear section. 
bulletZhu Hongyou's 'Baiyun' Amphibious Vehicle  (
Can't find just the right Amphicar for sale?  Or maybe you're wanting something a little more rugged and utilitarian?  Dare we say..."butch".  Then why not get yourself a nice beefy Baiyun Model BY5020TSL  built on the chassis of the Beijing 2020S jeep used by the Chinese Army You can get one for just $14,995 FOB at any Chinese Port.  Also available in stainless steel for salt water use!   In addition to the Baiyun, a fully new amphibian is being developed based on the Isuzu 4x4 pickup that will feature a diesel engine, stainless steel body, dual propellers, independent suspension, an all-metal roof, power steering, air conditioning, cassette player and radio, etc.  Mr. Zhu is also interested in finding foreign partners or dealers.  For more details drop Hongyou a "Ni-how!" (That's "Ahoy!" in Chinese) at and ask for details?
bulletVictor Ma's Home of the Amphibious Jeep
Living in Hong Kong, Victor is a confimed all-terrain vehicle enthusiast with a personal collection of 22 rides, some amphibian, including his recently purchased Porsche-manufactured Type 166 World War II vintage Schwimmwagen, which he shows you in action on his website.  
bulletTim Dutton's Dutton Marine  
Here's another latter-day amphibious alternative, this time from Britain, Land of the street-legal kit car.  Learn about the Dutton Mariner and the new Commander, also available as a 4x4.  Although they lack the Amphicar's unabashedly baroque and mocking, yet somehow friendly, devil-may-care finned fishlike elegance, the Duttons do have a certain brash dune-buggyish charm.  If they could only make them a little faster, so that any bilge-drenched patch job hulk of an Amphicar running on three cylinders at a fast idle couldn't run circles around the Mariner in the drink, then they might really have something.  Of course, on the other side of the coin, fiberglass Duttons don't rust AND you can take them into the briny stuff without them dissolving before your eyes.
bulletMike Ryan's Floating Cars and
Hardcore aficionados of amphibious motoring or James Bond films may already have heard of Mike Ryan.  Among other astonishments, he's the fellow who designed those amazing combination car-boat-submarine  Lamborghini-based wonder vehicles for the James Bond films.  Frankly, judging from his "Floating Cars" site and the many references to his varied amphibian creations in René Pohl's comprehensive book about amphibious vehicles and their developers, Mit dem Auto baden gehen, Mike can probably get just about any vehicle to swim.  His newest offering is not just a specialty "one off", but is now in actual production!   Called the SeaRoader, it is available as either a kit or fully assembled for as little as £4,995 (that's only about $7,160 American).  It can be fitted with a wide variety of options and it's something we'd LOVE  to see in Celina
(Please Note:  Technically both of these sites probably rate three or even four "Amphis", but I've given them only two primarily in order to keep it close to the 'Baiyun', 'Dutton' and other non-Amphi sites in this section...One of these days I really must gather all of these 'Other Amphibians' sites into their own category).
bulletDavid Baker's  Land Shark Project  
Another ampibious vehicle impresario from England.  David Baker is the "Imagineer" of the Land Shark, a new type of vehicle still in its pre-prototype phase that is claimed will be capable of high speed on both land and water.  The site contains a profile of David, a visual history of development so far, as well as high quality animations of how the Shark will work.  You can even sign up on the pre-production waiting list.  Very interesting.  (Note: technically this site probably rates three or four "Amphis" by virtue of the animations, but I've given it only two 'Amphis' primarily in order to keep it close to the 'Baiyun' and 'Dutton' and other non-Amphicar sites just above).
bulletBernard Sottiaux' Amphib Belgium 
Club site for an amphibious motoring crew in Belgium that meets regularly in different european countries at one stunningly picturesque spot or another.  No Amphicars are represented, but they've got a Dutton Mariner, a Hobbycar, a DUKW and an AmphiRanger in their Flemish Flotilla.  According to them, "the club brings together people all over the world, who are interested in vehicles that drive and float.  All kinds of floating cars are welcome, military and civilian, old-timers and newly builds."  If you're in or visiting Europe I suspect it might be a hoot to hook up with these guys on one of those fjords.
bulletPeter Verhoeven and Alex Dybala's Dutch Amphicar Club 
The new home on the 'net of the Dutch Amphicar Club.  For several months not much was happening here...just a static placeholder page, but now there are definite signs of life.  I guess the cold weather must have driven these guys off the canals and into the Internet cafés.  Suddenly there are lots of links to scans of Dutch literature and other useful Amphi sites.  This might be a good site to watch...
bulletrriffraff's My Dad's Amphicar 
Almost no real info here aside from the site's obvious and repeated Freudian oedipal allusions, but there IS a nice little downloadable film (a 16 second QuickVideo Videogram, size: 613k) called Once downloaded and "unzipped", it creates a program file called getwet.exe that will automatically play the movie. (Need the latest free version of WinZip®, the "unzipping" utility? You'll find it right here.)
bulletDr. Sewage's Amphi What? 
You'll find three photos of a white Amphi and a brief blurb here, along with a few pictures of some front Amphicar shock absorbers being made from Mustang originals, though it's a little sparse in description.  A pair of rear shocks for $50 made from a Nissan pickup truck's front shocks are also mentioned, but not shown.  You'll have to contact the Good Doctor via the site for more info. 
bulletCanadian Movie Cars' RE: 1962 AMPHICAR, Auto Appraisal Page 
This company that rents special vehicles to Canadian movie crews has taken what looks like an insurance assessor's report for its Amphicar, added a few nice shots of the car and turned it into a webpage/advertisement. 
bulletOlivier Ospital's  Annonce(s) pour les véhicules amphibies
For our amphibian friends on the european continent, here is a page in French where one can post or read free classifieds for all sorts of amphibious vehicles and parts. If your high school French is a little "rouillé" you can click here and then click "Translate" to let a machine translate chunks of the page into something approximating English.


Amphicar brochure cover, c. 1965


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