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Maybe the best book ever written on amphibious vehicles!  How to order the book Mit dem Auto baden gehen from Germany's Amazon Books:

Once you have clicked the picture of the book or its title above, a new browser window will open and you will be brought directly to the correct Amazon Books (Germany) catalog item for this book, from where you can most easily purchase it with a credit card.   Now, if the whole thought of doing this transaction in the German tongue causes you undue distress and woeful "Double my prescription, Doc!" anxieties, even with my easy step-by-step instructions below, or if you have any difficulties at all along the way, please see the red text far below on this page for the "Wussy Option".  Otherwise, calm yourself and remember: This is the VERY BEST  book ever written about amphibious vehicles, you MUST  have it in your personal library, and the whole process is practically identical to ordering Clarke's book from Amazon Books (England), but with different language labels on the buttons is all.  So relax now, click the picture of the book above and here we go!:

Click the button on the right-hand side of the page labeled "In den Einkaufswagen" -- This pops it into your "Shopping Cart."  The button looks like this:

You can proceed to the checkout by clicking on the button "zur Kasse gehen" -- This is the beginning of the checkout process.  The button looks like this:

The next page is the first step of the checkout process.  Since this is probably your first time ordering at the German Amazon Books, type your email address in the box next to "Geben Sie Ihre E-Mail-Adresse ein" and then click the choice next to "Ich bin ein neuer Neuer Kunde"'ll be asked to create a "Passwort" (password) later.

In section "2" click on the choice next to "Kreditkarte" (credit card). 

Next, click on the button "weiter" (next) to continue to the next step (choosing a shipping address). The "weiter" button looks like this:


At the top of this next page you'll see "Geben Sie die Lieferadresse ein" (Enter the shipping address).  

For an address outside Germany, click on "neue internationale Adresse" (new international address).

Next, enter your name and street address (and company name, if applicable). Enter your zip code in the field "Postleitzahl," your city in the field "Stadt" and the state or province in "Bundesland/Kanton/Provinz/usw." Finally, select your country and enter your telephone number. When finished, click on "fertig."

On the following page you can review your order to make sure that the items and quantity are correct. To modify the quantity of an item in your order simply enter the desired number of copies.

To enter a credit card, fill in the following information:
- enter the full credit card number
For "Kreditkartentyp"
- click Visa, MasterCard/Eurocard or American Express
For "Gueltig bis"
- enter the expiration date. Use double digits for both the month and the year. If your credit card expires in January 2002, the expiration date should be entered like this: 01/02.
For "Name des Karteninhabers"
- enter the name as shown on the card
For "Postleitzahl der Rechnungsadresse"
- enter the zip code of your billing address

Next click "fortzufahren" to continue. The button looks like this:

Now finally, after checking that the address information is correct, to confirm and send your purchase click the "BESTELLUNG AUFGEBEN" (send order) button:

After sending your order, you will see a screen which contains the following confimation message near the top thanking you for your order:

Congratulations!  That's it. You'll be receiving an emailed order confimation notice in German very shortly (it requires no action on your part), and your book should arrive in the mail in about 3 or 4 weeks!  

Q. But Bilgemaster, what if I really can't hack all this Teutonic German babble? Who do I look like, Colonel Klink?

A. Ist doch kein Problem, Liebchen! (=That's not a problem, Babycakes!). Owing to a dissipated young adulthood squandered in foreign climes, the Bilgemeister is actually quite fluent in the German tongue.  So, if you're really stuck, you can either mail me a check for $60 (that's just about the cost of the book plus shipping), or better yet, send it via PayPal  with your mailing address, and I'll be happy to do the ordering for you.  

Just drop me a line at  to let me know how you'd prefer to go.




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